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Led Bib

One of the original torch bearers for the revitalized young British jazz scene Led Bib released their third studio album Sensible Shoes, on Cuneiform Records in May 2009. The album has been shortlisted for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Led Bib are an unassuming quintet comprising of Walthamstow based twenty-somethings. The friends, who can usually be found in one another's homes drinking tea and discussing the merits of biscuit types, have together torn apart the jazz world with their avant-jazz-euphoric-rock explosions of improvisation.


independent minds

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independent minds

Hello, Toby here...

Posted by Led Bib
  • Thursday, 27 August 2009 at 01:22 pm
 ..Ok so following some prompting from Mark I've taken it upon myself to be the next contributor to this exciting insight into the life of Post-Nomination-Bib.
  The 'radio edit' rehearsal went well. As Mark said, it's quite a quite a challenge and involves a quite different approach to playing our music. I think after a little work and a few moments collapsing into slightly nervous hysterics we arrived at a pretty presentable version of what we do. The weight of the massive amount of people who will be watching on the 8th is starting to sink in. It's very exciting to say the least. We've been blessed to play at some amazing venues around the UK and Europe and to some amazing audiences big and small. But this really will be something else.   

  Yesterday I took full advantage of the perks of being in a Mercury nominated band and went and tried on some t-shirts at a very nice label called Collect London. A very nice chap named Woody had been in touch offering us some free stuff and I gracefully took him up on his offer, coming away with three very nice tees!

  I then went record shopping in Fopp and found myself stood behind Florence Welch (though no Machine in sight). I tried to take a peek at what she was buying but couldn't see - probably a Bib record. She looked very glamorous as always. I then headed to the Denmark Street music shops to have a look at lots of stuff I haven't been offered for free. Though, after purchasing an alto recorder at a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, I did buy a How To Play Alto Recorder book.

  In the evening I had a nice cup of tea with Chris 'Chocky' Williams and probably had a chat about his favourite biscuits.

Bye for now. Catch some of you tomorrow at The Luminaire.
Toby x


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