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Led Bib

One of the original torch bearers for the revitalized young British jazz scene Led Bib released their third studio album Sensible Shoes, on Cuneiform Records in May 2009. The album has been shortlisted for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Led Bib are an unassuming quintet comprising of Walthamstow based twenty-somethings. The friends, who can usually be found in one another's homes drinking tea and discussing the merits of biscuit types, have together torn apart the jazz world with their avant-jazz-euphoric-rock explosions of improvisation.


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independent minds

Mercury Prize tonight

Posted by Led Bib
  • Tuesday, 8 September 2009 at 07:17 am
So the big day is finally here!  We spent yesterday morning running through the show with the cameras and doing soundcheck.  It sounds great in the hall and I think our original nerves of having to play improvised music, but within a 3 and a half minute framework, seem to have calmed and now I am really looking forward to it.  I think we even imbued the rest of the bands with a jazzy feeling as even Kasabian started their soundcheck with a bit of pseudo be-bop between the guitar and drums.  Anyway it was great to see some familiar faces from the prize and some session musicians that we didn't expect to see!

After soundcheck we high tailed it back to Walthamtsow to pick up some different gear as we were scheduled to get to channel 4 to do our take on the news theme for the website but our regular gear needed to stay at the Mercury prize hall.  Little did we know that when we would get there Jon and Krishnan would sit and watch and then sit in with the band!! Amazing.  Check out these pictures of our session:

Anyway, been up since way before the sun rose, I have the anticipation already!....have a 5 live breakfast interview soon....already on cup of tea number 2 and it's only 7:20!  Hope to see you on BBC 2 tonight at 10pm!



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