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Led Bib

One of the original torch bearers for the revitalized young British jazz scene Led Bib released their third studio album Sensible Shoes, on Cuneiform Records in May 2009. The album has been shortlisted for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Led Bib are an unassuming quintet comprising of Walthamstow based twenty-somethings. The friends, who can usually be found in one another's homes drinking tea and discussing the merits of biscuit types, have together torn apart the jazz world with their avant-jazz-euphoric-rock explosions of improvisation.


independent minds

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independent minds

Dead Legs and Dark Horses

Posted by Led Bib
  • Thursday, 3 September 2009 at 12:10 pm

This is Chris Williams here, chipping in on the Bib blog space. I'm currently nursing a dead leg that I got from playing 5-a-side football last night. We got absolutely battered, something 20-8 (in fact it was - just went on the powerleague website). It's the taking part that counts, eh?

All of the guys I play football with are really excited for us being on the shortlist. They've always been really supportive, asking how the band's going, and a few of em coming down when we played at Meltdown Festival in Royal Festival Hall earlier in the summer. But in a way, being nominated has hit home more for the people around us (friends and family) than the band itself. It's something that people can relate to a lot more than me saying 'We had a great gig at this place' or 'This important person said this about us'. Of course, being involved in the Mercury is a massive deal but doing our first gig at The Vortex or having our first review from John Fordham have all been steps towards this and it's all meant the world to me.

Jeez. That paragraph took a while. During that time, and staying true to my nickname (Chocky), I ate five Choco Leibniz Dark Chocolate biscuits with a coffee. They really are more chocolate than a biscuit. Also, me eating chocolate biscuits isn't the true origin of Chocky... I won't bore you with the story.

Needless to say, my family are just as chuffed and excited as the football lot, and more. My mum, bless her, started a scrapbook a couple of years ago for all of my exploits as a relatively poor musician. She's gone into overdrive now, printing off and buying up all that she can find! They're all saying that we're gonna win. 'We're the dark horses'. Well, this horse doesn't come any darker.

Saw Jez Nelson talking about why we should win. He's a nice guy, that Jez Nelson. By the way, all the bands got a person championing them, on the bbc website, so we ain't getting any special treatment. Have a look (hope this works).

I think that's me done for now. I imagine my next blog to be based even more around football - I'm a big Tottenham Hotspur fan. Be prepared.




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