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Led Bib

One of the original torch bearers for the revitalized young British jazz scene Led Bib released their third studio album Sensible Shoes, on Cuneiform Records in May 2009. The album has been shortlisted for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Led Bib are an unassuming quintet comprising of Walthamstow based twenty-somethings. The friends, who can usually be found in one another's homes drinking tea and discussing the merits of biscuit types, have together torn apart the jazz world with their avant-jazz-euphoric-rock explosions of improvisation.


independent minds
independent minds

Mercury Prize tonight

Posted by Led Bib
  • Tuesday, 8 September 2009 at 07:17 am
So the big day is finally here!  We spent yesterday morning running through the show with the cameras and doing soundcheck.  It sounds great in the hall and I think our original nerves of having to play improvised music, but within a 3 and a half minute framework, seem to have calmed and now I am really looking forward to it.  I think we even imbued the rest of the bands with a jazzy feeling as even Kasabian started their soundcheck with a bit of pseudo be-bop between the guitar and drums.  Anyway it was great to see some familiar faces from the prize and some session musicians that we didn't expect to see!

After soundcheck we high tailed it back to Walthamtsow to pick up some different gear as we were scheduled to get to channel 4 to do our take on the news theme for the website but our regular gear needed to stay at the Mercury prize hall.  Little did we know that when we would get there Jon and Krishnan would sit and watch and then sit in with the band!! Amazing.  Check out these pictures of our session:

Anyway, been up since way before the sun rose, I have the anticipation already!....have a 5 live breakfast interview soon....already on cup of tea number 2 and it's only 7:20!  Hope to see you on BBC 2 tonight at 10pm!

independent minds

Shalom , ,

Posted by Led Bib
  • Thursday, 3 September 2009 at 01:24 pm
Tel-Aviv, so hot out side , im indoors  , drinking black coffee , packet of Loackers (sorry Chocks) and enjoying the cool of the air-con.  
4th day out of 6  in tel-aviv and we are celebrating our very short honeymoon. since we got here we been doing the same every day : We have been getting out of the apartment walked 48 seconds (timed ) stretched a large towel, lie on it from 10-12:30 ( aka Shrimping ) and enjoy wet intervals in the calm water , 12:30 , up , crawl to the nearest humus bar dismantle a bowl of humus with thinly chopped salad , feeling so full that you can sleep right on the spot ,, then drag yourself back to the apartment snooze till 15:30 then back to the beach see the sun goes down with a little cheeky one  then we are open for improvisation: beer, food and wine till the last customer is gone ,, yes , you can get a god steak at 02:00 and when you back at 4:00 it is as busy as it is at 12:00 ,   This city is like no other ,  really never stops , it is nothing you ever experienced .  ok , yes, people are tough and my new wife ( wow this is sooo odd calling her wife now , ) is still surprised that no one will stop for you at a cross road or jump a head of your que, or push you in the street with no slight sign of 'Sorry' in sight and to be fair that sort of thing can drive me mad too ,, however , in return to this constant edginess in people you will get amazing ( no , Really AMAZING !!!!) food , meat , veg , fish , as fresh as it gets , and the portions of food that is served in here is so enormous that we already figured out that we can share one breakfast to fill us up till lunch. 
"What  ? ?  No mention of Mercury  ? ? !!!" I hear ,  Well , erm , No , and let me explain  : 
on the way to Tel aviv I was telling Angie about how odd it is to even start thinking about the mercury ceremony and its like waiting for your first day in school ,, im just WAY TOO EXCITED TO EVEN  START THINKING ABOUT IT ! ! ! ! so in order to enjoy my holiday I have to put this amazing ceremony behind . . 
Ok its time to head of back to the beach im back in couple of days to a buzzing band and very exciting time , I'll finish with a quote : 
" ... This is probably the best time of my life .... " Chris Chocky Willimas 
love to you all , 
miss you bibs, 
independent minds

Dead Legs and Dark Horses

Posted by Led Bib
  • Thursday, 3 September 2009 at 12:10 pm

This is Chris Williams here, chipping in on the Bib blog space. I'm currently nursing a dead leg that I got from playing 5-a-side football last night. We got absolutely battered, something 20-8 (in fact it was - just went on the powerleague website). It's the taking part that counts, eh?

All of the guys I play football with are really excited for us being on the shortlist. They've always been really supportive, asking how the band's going, and a few of em coming down when we played at Meltdown Festival in Royal Festival Hall earlier in the summer. But in a way, being nominated has hit home more for the people around us (friends and family) than the band itself. It's something that people can relate to a lot more than me saying 'We had a great gig at this place' or 'This important person said this about us'. Of course, being involved in the Mercury is a massive deal but doing our first gig at The Vortex or having our first review from John Fordham have all been steps towards this and it's all meant the world to me.

Jeez. That paragraph took a while. During that time, and staying true to my nickname (Chocky), I ate five Choco Leibniz Dark Chocolate biscuits with a coffee. They really are more chocolate than a biscuit. Also, me eating chocolate biscuits isn't the true origin of Chocky... I won't bore you with the story.

Needless to say, my family are just as chuffed and excited as the football lot, and more. My mum, bless her, started a scrapbook a couple of years ago for all of my exploits as a relatively poor musician. She's gone into overdrive now, printing off and buying up all that she can find! They're all saying that we're gonna win. 'We're the dark horses'. Well, this horse doesn't come any darker.

Saw Jez Nelson talking about why we should win. He's a nice guy, that Jez Nelson. By the way, all the bands got a person championing them, on the bbc website, so we ain't getting any special treatment. Have a look (hope this works).

I think that's me done for now. I imagine my next blog to be based even more around football - I'm a big Tottenham Hotspur fan. Be prepared.


independent minds


Posted by Led Bib
  • Friday, 28 August 2009 at 08:43 am
I am currently working on a project in Dover with Sign Dance Collective and have been thinking about the more important things in life....

Is Dover Brighton by the port?
Is Black Sabbath the poor man's Led Zeppelin?
Is Led Zeppelin the muso's Black Sabbath?

I have a feeling all of these things will be answered tonight at our gig at the Luminaire...looking forward to it.

independent minds

Hello, Toby here...

Posted by Led Bib
  • Thursday, 27 August 2009 at 01:22 pm
 ..Ok so following some prompting from Mark I've taken it upon myself to be the next contributor to this exciting insight into the life of Post-Nomination-Bib.
  The 'radio edit' rehearsal went well. As Mark said, it's quite a quite a challenge and involves a quite different approach to playing our music. I think after a little work and a few moments collapsing into slightly nervous hysterics we arrived at a pretty presentable version of what we do. The weight of the massive amount of people who will be watching on the 8th is starting to sink in. It's very exciting to say the least. We've been blessed to play at some amazing venues around the UK and Europe and to some amazing audiences big and small. But this really will be something else.   

  Yesterday I took full advantage of the perks of being in a Mercury nominated band and went and tried on some t-shirts at a very nice label called Collect London. A very nice chap named Woody had been in touch offering us some free stuff and I gracefully took him up on his offer, coming away with three very nice tees!

  I then went record shopping in Fopp and found myself stood behind Florence Welch (though no Machine in sight). I tried to take a peek at what she was buying but couldn't see - probably a Bib record. She looked very glamorous as always. I then headed to the Denmark Street music shops to have a look at lots of stuff I haven't been offered for free. Though, after purchasing an alto recorder at a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, I did buy a How To Play Alto Recorder book.

  In the evening I had a nice cup of tea with Chris 'Chocky' Williams and probably had a chat about his favourite biscuits.

Bye for now. Catch some of you tomorrow at The Luminaire.
Toby x
independent minds


Posted by Led Bib
  • Tuesday, 25 August 2009 at 09:37 am
Wow, our very first blog post for The Independent! Now I have this big blank screen the question of what to actually write sets in. Well, things have been pretty crazy since our nomination for the Mercury Music Prize in July, and it's not getting any calmer, it's actually getting busier! I suppose it is all leading up to the big show on September 8th. The show is an interesting challenge for us as since we play essentially improvised music, shortening the tunes, doing a so called 'radio-edit' is not something which comes naturally. Today we are working on just that, so let's see how we get on.

I am sure that after the Mercury show there will be lots of reflecting (over many beers I am sure) about our time together as a band and the relatively long road (4 CDs!) to the prize. I count myself very lucky to have found 4 others guys who are happy to work with me day in and day out in the hope that someday people would be interested in the music (with the knowledge that they might never!). Of course, the Mercury isn't the first time we have been in the media, but this sort of exposure is pretty unprecedented. As I sit here listening to the 'Sweet Billy Pilgrim' album (also nominated) it gives me a sense of belief in the music industry that maybe I don't always have. You can pursue your own path and eventually (which may not be until you're dead), people will catch up.

Anyway,  we will be blogging here over the next two weeks in the run up to the awards.  I am attempting to get some of the other guys to write something so people don't get bored of my own waffling on...

Also, the lovely Chiara Ambrosio did a great video for Sweet Chilli which was released yesterday. If my computer skills work, you should be able to see it below:



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